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// For spilt second I grinned when I saw your picture which was posted in your whatsapp story,but then I suddenly jolted realising it wasn’t you who posted it.

I’ve never felt more stupid than I felt at that moment.

Every second I’m inches away from blades which would suppress the ache caused by the void in my heart.

The ceiling of my room has never been more interesting than it is now.

My pillow getting wet has been unvarying, but the culprits aren’t drools anymore it’s the salty tears that soak my pillow.

I’m afraid to close my eyes , I hate when I blink ’cause when I do I see you and when I open my eyes *puff* you vanish into the air leaving me hanging.

My nocturnal tendency keeps on increasing along with the agony. I created Pinterest account just to view those psychic quotes.

I keep replaying the same playlist every damned time.

To the world I smile , I laugh masking my inner turbulences,ironically my conscience laughs at me. I hate how my conscience pities me.

Usually I’d enjoy my insomniac times but now I hate when it is night because I’ve to stop feigning and shrug off my mask.

It the burning eyes who forcibly shut themselves and my body taking me into the dreamless world.

I hear fellow beings suggesting me to move on and they give me reality checks every now and then because apparently I’m unaware of reality.

Some say you’ll forget the void soon.

Some say it’s now the life is.

But I know I’ll just learn to live with the void because no one can make my day brighter than you did , no one can make my night sparkling than you did.

You should be here somewhere.

All I’m asking is to meet me once again maybe I can change your mind.\\ ⌛️




Two souls,Three words ,One love

Isn’t this what you follow,Cupid?

I can’t hear you…

Yes Yes, You’re right ; when aren’t you?

Am I accusing you?

Oh Yes I’m , I’m accusing you for wasting that beautiful looking toxic arrow on me.

It went all through the layers of skin reaching my heart , piercing it with the entire strength you had.

You left me bleeding and vulnerable.

Wasn’t it your responsibility to nurse me? Make me indestructible?

You left me all alone to bleed and let the poison of love fill my heart.

Never did I feel same , never did I.

Two souls,three words , One love.

Isn’t this what you follow , cupid?

You chose a wrong soul , those three words slipped through the mouth sounding ridiculous just like the friendship of a Lion and Deer.

Do me a favour, Make me the head of your game not a mere pawn.

You let me bleed , you let me have an ache.

That feeling of love , it got sucked out but it did leave some remains making me feel the same familiar ache.

Every time I bore it , you pushed the arrow more deeper , wounding me forever.

You left me in a dreamy world ,

Letting me see things way different than I used to see.

Time brought me back way too late , curing me.

And here you’re again with a new set of Golden bow with those beautiful heart-shaped toxic arrows to pierce my heart.

I know you’re gonna do this till you find the right one ,

Trying and testing,

Wounding and hurting me

Every day , every hour , ever minute and every second

I bear the ache , sitting and waiting like a little critter for you to gimme a fresh wound , another

new familiar ever lasting Ache.

Every time,everyday,I kept protesting.

Everytime,everyday, I kept crying.

Everytime,everyday,I kept pleading you to have mercy on me.

But never did you pity me,seeking for a revolt.

So here I’m after an ugly battle,winning it , yet again succumbing to your infamous sweet dangerous attacks.

After all I’m a human , After all I’m a human.

Here I’m to have another fresh familiar pain.

Two souls , Three words, One love..

Isn’t this what you follow, Cupid?